CPA-Accounting Firm Alliances & Partnerships:

Because USBE teaches clients how to manage their organizations based on facts…ie “the numbers”…clients actually WANT & USE their financial statements and will invest in better accounting systems to produce them. 

Clients are also more interested in other services such as tax planning, retirement plans and much more.

The point - Your Firm can provide many of these services.

As with all our Associate Relationships, if you want to become an active USBE Associate, you can also earn commissions.  But if you need to remain independent, you can simply use USBE as an outside resource for your clients.  Any commissions paid to active Associates are fully disclosed to the client for approval before the fact. Regardless, we issue a very strong non-compete agreement which provides you with assurance that we will never compete with your Firm.  

Contact USBE to find out more about the benefits of a USBE Association!