Exit Planning, Risk Management & Personal Planning:

Question:  When should a business owner start thinking about their Exit Plan…(ie…selling the business or how management will eventually transfer?)

:  The day the business is begun! 

While this position may seem a little extreme, it’s true! Many business owners never prepare a business for eventual sale or transition…which results in major problems as well as avoidable loss of value. 

In the same way, most business owners are not aware of the simple but effective risk management tactics that can provide significant protection from major problems.

We also know that behind every business are the business owners…those individuals whom we want to strengthen and protect. Ultimately, it’s these owners and their families that we are working for.  And therefore, we adopt the same types of fact based planning and risk management practices for your personal financial positions.

The result is a comprehensive strategic plan for both business and personal
financial success!