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What about my current CPA?

USBE evolved from a traditional CPA firm. Therefore, we have very high regard for that profession.  However, we find that most businesses never fully realize the talents and value their CPA’s possess.  

A common gripe is "I just don't really understand what my CPA is talking about most of the time." But chances are, your CPA knows a lot about your business.  The question is “how can all this knowledge be leveraged and used to improve your business ?”

USBE can work in conjunction with your accountant. We can provide them with better information about areas such as tax planning and accounting improvements. And since we "know the language", we can help everyone get on the same page.

The bottom line is that we do not replace your current tax CPA. Rather, we welcome the opportunity to work with them, as a team, and feel that they should share the same common ethic.

After all, everyone can benefit if we all focus on continually improving your business.

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