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What about my current CPA?
Is it confidential?
How should I prepare for our initial consultation? What should I bring?
What are the options for getting started and ongoing involvement?

If you want to take the next step after some preliminary discussions, we find that many clients appreciate what we call our "First Cut."

During this process, we will show you methods and approaches aimed at helping you develop a tactical and strategic plan for the future. The First Cut might also identify improvements to your accounting systems, tax management and other areas.

The result is a set of prioritized recommendations and preliminary game plans that we, as a team, believe will improve your business. In addition, illustrations of your present and targeted profitability, cash flow and financial position will give us an objective way to define your goals and the plans to reach them. From there, you decide how you want to proceed.

Some clients are most interested in developing their accounting and information systems…and then…to work on the business improvement initiatives.

If you prefer to work from a Strategic Planning direction first, we can work in that order, too. We would focus on the information you currently possess to build the framework for your strategic plans. Once that is accomplished, we would naturally round out the accounting system to provide the business reporting that dovetails into the strategic plans.

We are here to help you see your options in a wide variety of areas. We are happy to help as you deem fit, whether your needs are for spot consulting or a larger project.

How much does it really cost?
What’s the Payoff for Me…the Return on Investment ?
How does the CFO service work?
What if I already tried hiring a business consultant and was dissatisfied?
We develop Financial Blueprints that help companies Chart Clear Paths towards Profitability, Strength & Growth
and then...
We provide the Reports & Training to help them Manage the Course.

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