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What about my current CPA?
Is it confidential?
How should I prepare for our initial consultation? What should I bring?
What are the options for getting started and ongoing involvement?
How much does it really cost?

Of course... the famous answer is "it depends on the depth of our involvement." While that may not be the answer you had hoped for... it's an honest one. Here are some details to help you understand our involvement and pricing.

First of all, before we ever get too far into any project, we’ll define the issues and design the work solutions. That way, we avoid misdirected time and money. Think of our support in terms of a pyramid. We start at the very top, making sure we are focusing on the big picture first. Then we begin to work down in layers... going deeper only if doing so is cost justified.

We’ll encourage you and your staff  to take responsibility for as much of the work as you wish. This way, we truly capitalize on the power of the old adage "Teach a person to fish....” This not only saves costs but also places the power and know-how into your people and your organization.

This is another reason we prefer to be known as business Trainers as opposed to business Consultants.

For some of our core services, we can give you a fixed fee price if the project has a defined scope. Otherwise, our costs are based upon hourly billing rates for our staff.  We provide prompt and detailed billing statements so that you can always know the nature of the work we performed. Our base line billing rates are quite competitive with that of other top level consultants and CPA firms.

Most importantly, all of our support is designed to be performance based — meaning that we are focused on achieving results and benefits.  Expected benefits of a particular project are always the place to start. Then we evaluate if the cost to achieve it is reasonable.

Please remember, our fees are often tax deductible which further reduces the actual cost. Moreover, improvements implemented this year will typically continue to provide returns year after year... which can ultimately turn our involvement into the perfect investment.

What’s the Payoff for Me…the Return on Investment ?
How does the CFO service work?
What if I already tried hiring a business consultant and was dissatisfied?
We develop Financial Blueprints that help companies Chart Clear Paths towards Profitability, Strength & Growth
and then...
We provide the Reports & Training to help them Manage the Course.

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