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What’s the Payoff for Me…the Return on Investment ?

Return on Investment is quite possibility the most important single measurement in any business.  After all, its one thing to earn $1,000 on an investment in a given year…but the related question is this: Did you invest $10,000 or $100,000? Keep that in mind as you consider the potential returns (Pay-off's) that we strive to yield from our services:

Strategic Planning Improvements
: Our central goal is to help small business owners and managers become better business leaders. By adopting the logic of our BusinessPrintSM approach, we will automatically discover and improve many of the areas explained below (Profitability, Asset Management, Risk Management) but also, chart a solid course for your continued success. This includes the peace of mind that comes with driving your business opposed to the feeling that each morning, you climb aboard a ship with no rudder.

Some of the inherent benefits of our BusinessPrintSM approach include
the following:

  • It will be a tool to make better, faster business decisions. Pull the trigger with confidence knowing that all relevant costs, benefits and risks have been considered and assessed.
  • It will be a tool and medium for better communication— both inside the organization and for external parties such as bankers or investors.
  • It will provide the fundamental platform with which to construct the future business vision and structure. A great sales and showcasing tool.
  • It will be a tool to build consensus among everyone involved, solidify strategies, reconcile points of view, and ensure support for the business strategies and plans.
  • Most importantly, it will be a tool to benchmark actual results against expectations. It will drive everyone to set better targets and therefore, the action steps to achieve the desired results will be more focused.

Finally, your business model with help you avoid inappropriate strategic investments, save hundreds of hours and probably large sums of money otherwise spent on misdirected project implementations.

Profitability Improvements
: USBE can help you improve profits by designing and implementing strategies to increase sales revenue, reduce direct costs, overhead and save taxes. As with most all of our services, improvements implemented this year will probably continue to provide returns year after year...which can ultimately turn a cost into the perfect investment.

Asset Management Improvements
: USBE can help you improve cash flow and asset management by strengthening your credit policies, earning interest on excess cash, lowering the amount of cash tied up in inventory, reducing inventory write offs and helping to streamline the capital investment in equipment and other long term assets.

Risk Management Improvements: USBE can help you evaluate your business risks and then adopt cost effective strategies to shelter and protect all your hard work. This might include areas such as using better legal structures (Corporations, LLC, etc.), tailored liability insurance contracts, developing customer work agreements to minimize exposure, just to name a few areas. Tax audit planning, personal financial and protection planning for the business owners and succession planning are other areas where we can help. While the payoff for these areas is sometimes hard to quantify, many small business owners can, unfortunately, tell the sad stories that result from lack of planning.

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