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How does the CFO service work?

For many small business owners, it's often lonely at the top. They're all alone when it comes to evaluating the business and making critical business decisions— all of which have a large financial impact. As a result, many important decisions are never made due to uncertainty, and the business just coasts along with no real direction.

While independent CPA's often play a valuable role with tax preparation and accounting support, they rarely get involved with the future plans for the business. In fact, they are almost never asked questions like "How should I change and redirect the focus of my company to make more money ?"

The Flexible CFO (Flexible Chief Financial Officer) service is simply an arrangement where a team of USBE staff, one of which runs point, provides daily-weekly-monthly or other periodic support to your company.

Typically we help keep the accounting system reconciled and ensure that management is getting the business reports that are necessary to monitor the business and continually chart a course forward.   We are also happy to lead any financial negotiations as well as liaison with bankers, attorneys, marketing professionals and insurance advisors to help round out those areas.

Most importantly, we help you manage your Strategic Business Plan using our BusinessPrintSM Application.

We report directly to you, the business owner and we take our lead from your instruction. This service gives you high quality financial expertise without the committed costs of a professional CFO level employee.

What if I already tried hiring a business consultant and was dissatisfied?
We develop Financial Blueprints that help companies Chart Clear Paths towards Profitability, Strength & Growth
and then...
We provide the Reports & Training to help them Manage the Course.

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