Law Firm Alliances & Partnerships:

USBE adopts a fairly conservative approach when it comes to Risks vs. Returns.  Through years of working with business entrepreneurs (ie..the eternal optimists)…
we know how they think.  The glass is not “half full”... “it’s full…and going to overflow!”  Clearly though…without their courage…none of us would have a job.  Nevertheless, temperance is smart.

The point – Plans for the future must be tempered with the risks that surround them.  USBE helps clients “think strategically” about their goals…how to get there…but as well, we encourage some thought to what “could happen” if things do not go
“as planned.”  

The smartest strategic plan always contains a “Plan B…ie…the Contingency Plan”. 
By helping clients quantify their business plans…everyone has a logical platform to evaluate the risks….including the legal ones.  Your Firm can suggest and implement the appropriate level of legal planning and organizational structures to hedge the bet.

Moreover, like with all the other USBE alliances…your client will better understand and therefore value… your advice and support.  

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