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To help our clients get the most out of their key support team, USBE is continually seeking out strategic partners and alliances that support a comprehensive approach to business development and support. Whether you are a marketing executive, a banker or just about anyone involved with business, chances are we can help each other— and most deservingly, our mutual clients.

USBE’s involvement with your client promotes greater desire for your company’s services because we teach them how to understand and manage their organizations from a very logical and fact-based perspective. Therefore, the client will better comprehend HOW your products and services actually help them win.   When they understand how to improve, they make smarter and faster decisions regarding actions toward those improvements.

And better yet, when you promote this level of involvement, you naturally become a more valuable and trusted ally. Your relationship is continually strengthened and your company becomes not just another vendor, but a real strategic partner. As this occurs, clients are more and more reluctant to “jump ship” to another firm just to save a buck or two.

We offer seminars and free training sessions as a way to introduce clients to the process.  We also have a valuable referral commission program, open to all associates who are permitted (by law) to accept commissions for referrals. We fully disclose the referral and commission to clients you introduce to USBE.

More information about partnering is available upon request.

Here are just a few of the mutually beneficial partnerships we are developing:
bullet CPA-Accounting Firms... MORE
bullet Banks & Other Financial Institutions... MORE
bullet Web Designers & Marketing Firms... MORE
bullet Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, EDC’s, etc... MORE
bullet Law Firms... MORE
bullet Insurance Agencies & Investment Advisors... MORE
bullet Computer & Technology Companies... MORE

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